2 thoughts on “Shrimp on a treadmill”

  1. Hi Tania,

    your site looks amazing – you have done so much work here.

    I have been hanging out to get some time to update mine and have managed to get one hour between Mother’s Day pressies and a family lunch to write a few things on Flickr.

    Loved reading about your childhood memories and the books you liked. What a great way to get to know your colleagues.

    Keep up the great work.


    ps . I didn’t get anything from Twitter but would be keen to so please try again.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging comments, Marie. I had so much time because I was home sick and couldn’t get up and do anything else. Bit hard to put in the time when you’re teaching.

    I love your discovery of the annotated images on flickr. I’ll tell my sister at Thomastown S.C. I always found that Van Eyck painting fascinating.

    I’ll investigate the Twitter.

    Have fun


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