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Open mind

I thought I’d try Phrasr using the phrase ‘ Minds are like parachutes; they only function when they are open’.

Phrasr allows you to choose flickr images for each word in a phrase.

See it here.


Photo by Fikirbaz

It’s probably not the best phrase to use, since some of the words don’t really match the¬†pictures. Still, I can see students having fun with the image choices here. I like the idea of playing with a quote, and dressing it up with images. Students could use quotes from Shakespeare, for example. It would be a good way to remember difficult quotes.

Actually, it works much better if you omit pictures for the insignificant words, eg. prepositions and articles.

Some ideas for the phrase are: proverb, quotation (eg. from a poem, song, Shakespeare), alliterative phrase, colour-coded phrase, nonsense phrase. Limitless possibilities, really.

Here’s an example of a nonsense phrase.

Here’s an alliterative one.

Here’s one from Shakespeare (Macbeth, I think)

If you have made any Phrasr examples, I’d love you to share them.