David Pogue – satirical medley


New York Times tech columnist David Pogue performs a satirical mini-medley about iTunes and the downloading wars. Village People fans, this is for you. Very clever and part of the TEDxMelbourne talks.

David Pogue is the personal-technology columnist for The New York Times. Each week, he contributes a print column, an e-mail column and an online video. In addition, he writes Pogue’s Posts, one of The Times’s most popular blogs.

Read more about him here or go visit his website.

Take a look at the other talks at this event. I’m impressed by these amazing vocal play artists. I hesistate to say singers because they actually sound like musical instruments.


By the way, I was very disappointed to discover that these TED talks were held in Melbourne, FL, not Melbourne, Australia.

One thought on “David Pogue – satirical medley”

  1. Thanks for sharing. This is hilarious…I love the Piano Man! I got you babe! YMCA! FUN! My little cousin and I were dancing to this the other day.

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