Shock reflection

Without warning a few minutes ago, I took one of those surprising memory trips that you’re not prepared for – the Proustian type – where something (smell, taste, tune) triggers a zooming back in time, recalling these experiences. But in this case it was a multiple zoom .  Reflecting about Web 2.0, and the alarming acceleration of technology in teaching and learning, I was transported backwards through all the stages of writing tools.

Some highlights (lowlights in some cases):

using dinosaur computers whilst translating German engineering content for a pneumatic tool company (memory: losing a whole day’s work regularly);

thinking that whiteboards were fantastic – no dust! (and then accidentally writing on the smartboards with normal marker with the whole class screaming in horror)

getting excited when I purchased an electric typewriter with a corrector ribbon!

getting red and black hands replacing a typewriter ribbon;

the excitement of my first ball-point pen;

slurping up ink from a bottle with my new fountain pen (and needing much blotting paper; remember the blue stain on the inside of the middle finger?)

(here’s a dinosaur:) starting off the day in grade 1 by drawing (or trying to draw) a perfect circle with chalk on a little blackboard and never being picked for display of most perfect circle.

4 thoughts on “Shock reflection”

  1. Oh I love Blackboard – I think when I was really young I was even a little bit scared of him!

    Yes things have changed – hey that reminds me of a Dylan song called – Things have changed
    “People are crazy and times are strange
    I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range
    I used to care, but things have changed”

  2. Hi Tania,

    I thought it was just the poor kids who went to school in Ireland in the 60’s who had to use chalk and slate boards. Don’t you think it is awesome to be doing this Web 2.0 stuff when that is where our educational journey started? Your blog is so interesting – I love reading it. Marie

  3. 1. I haven’t tried to buy the typewriter ribbons because I threw my typewriter into the skip

    2. Yes! Blackboard was scary! I wasn’t comfortable with people or ‘characters’ who weren’t nice. Actually, I have an acquaintance who talks like Mr Squiggle (and I don’t think he realises it).

    3. I completely agree, Marie. It is awesome in the literal sense I love keeping up with new stuff but in the back of my mind I wonder whether the acceleration will even further accelerate until we all experience meltdown.
    Now that reminds me of another character from my primary school years – little black Sambo. Did you read that book? Of course, today it would be politically incorrect. Probably be renamed ‘little tanned Sambo’. Anyway, as I recall there was a scene at the end when the tigers (I think – could be wrong) ran around in a circle so fast that they turned to butter. Please correct me someone if I’ve forgotten the details.

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