Is life a game? #CLMOOC Week 3

Will you play?

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Here is the thing. Below you will see the link to a Google Doc. This is your invitation to reMEDIAte this thing. I can do it myself but then I would be playing on my own. Please put on your safety belt. Put on your hard hat. Press play. There is no time limit. Thank you for playing.

Is life a game?

Take a card.

Are you playing the game?

Who are you?

Take another card.

How long have you been playing?

Did you ever win?

How many times did you win?

Can I start playing now?

Are the rules difficult?

Will it take me long to understand the rules?

Who else is playing?

How many people?

Answer the question.

What was the question?

Answer the question in the box provided in less than 25 words.

Shouldn’t that be fewer than 25 words?

Just answer the question. Then sign on the dotted line.

What’s your favourite colour?

Is this a game?

What is your favourite colour?

Is that an open ended question? Weren’t we supposed to have multiple choice?

What if I get the answer wrong?

Can I draw my answer?

Take another card.

Are you happy?

Is that an open-ended question?

Who else is playing?

What did they say?

Are they happy?

Just answer the question.

Can I dance the answer?

Are you alive?

Are you asking me if I’m living?

Just answer the question.

Can I take another card?

My favourite colour is blue.

Are you alive?

My favourite colour is green.

Take another card.

Is life a game?

Is that another open-ended question?

My favourite colour is red.

Is that your final answer?

I am living.

Are you alive?

What did the others say?

Are they happy?

Are they alive?

Who is asking the questions around here?

My favourite colour is yellow?

What is your favourite colour?

Are you:

  1. alive
  2. yellow
  3. barely living
  4. whatever the others said

Put a cross in the correct box.

I am not able to answer within the current limitations.

Please answer the question.

Can I speak to a lawyer?

Your favourite colour is red.

You are living.

Nobody you know is playing.

Life is a game.

Take another card.
Here is the link to the Google Doc. Please play with me. My favourite colour is white. Is this really a game or is it a load of

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8 thoughts on “Is life a game? #CLMOOC Week 3”

  1. Jumping in first then hopefully figuring what’s this all about later 🙂

    My color is Pink
    My color is also Turquoise and it is Green and it is Red.

    Is life a game? Hmmm what is a game?

  2. Hi Maha, I remember when I was 5 or 6 my knack for starting conversations was ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ I thought I might find kindred spirits that way.

    Are we still playing?

  3. You know I can’t resist an open document. Mine is all melody and harmony and tension.

    and i felt the urge to lift a line to make a poem …

    I dance the answer
    in graceful steps,
    a shift to the right
    a move to the left;
    my eyes closed to the world,
    as if dreaming,
    but I am not, for in this dance,
    I am hoping there’s a chance
    that someone else out there,
    hearing the same song,
    will move alongside with me.


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