Stop telling me I’m wasting my time on Facebook

I’m a little tired of people telling me I’m wasting my time on Facebook.

Yes, I do enjoy keeping an eye on what my friends and colleagues are up to, seeing photos of their weddings, new babies and celebrations, particularly when they don’t live close. But I also use Facebook professionally. I’m a teacher librarian – I resource the curriculum, and that means I need a constant stream of information coming to me. Facebook, my Twitter network, Google Reader, my Diigo and Delicious network, my Vodpod network – all connect me to what I need to do my job. The same goes for what I’m interested in.

Some read the newspaper, others do it differently.

I don’t know what you see on your Facebook page but this is a cross-section of what I see –

You get the idea…

4 thoughts on “Stop telling me I’m wasting my time on Facebook”

  1. Love this! Your links are always so interesting…I guess some people are resistant to change..or technology…or both.

    1. Your comments are always so supportive, Dayle. Just got sick of people assuming that all people do is waste time and exchange superficialities on social media.

  2. Hi Tania

    I’m still getting my head around using Twitter and I don’t use Facebook…you may have convinced me!

    I think I’ll need to sit down with you to show me how to make Facebook work for me…this is fantastic!

    Kim šŸ™‚

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