Michael Jackson 1958-2009


Today the world was saddened by the news of the two celebrity deaths – Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Celebrity popularity is a fact of life, and in this instance Michael Jackson stole the limelight, if you can call it that.  Sometimes the best way to remember a life and career is through pictures. LIFE Magazine is a good place to revisit Michael Jackson’s life.

Stars remember Michael Jackson is an interesting visual record.

Equally as interesting is the album of Michael Jackson covers.


Equally as interesting is the album of Michael Jackson covers.


Then there’s Neverland in all its glory


Michael Jackson live – best pics


And, to be fair, have why don’t you stroll down Memory Lane with Farrah Fawcett?


Since I was on a roll, I decided to check out Michael Jackson’s website.


 The New York Times has a long post of updates on Michael Jackson and the world’s reaction to his death.

 YouTube has its own tribute to Michael Jackson’s talent.

Given the recent interest in all things Vampire at a time when books like Twilight are more popular than sliced bread, I think it’s time to revisit Thriller.



2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson 1958-2009”

  1. Tania, this is a wonderful collection of links to sites that will interest many. Thanks for collecting them so that people can access them from the one place. I’m heading off to his official website right now.

  2. Jenny, unless I’m missing something, his website is a little disappointing. Actually, Natasha just commented my post on Facebook, and she has some great ideas for English lessons combining all sorts of things branching off from thriller and Twilight. Have a look.

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