What an opportunity – Google Teacher Academy Sydney

What a (good) shock it was to receive an email with news that I had been selected to participate in the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney 20 April (as well as an optional half-day on Thursday). I still can’t believe my luck!  I’ve heard the one full-day PD is full-on, so I hope I’m up to it mentally and physically.

Although I’m confused and upset that many bright and shining people who deserve to go weren’t selected,  I am also honoured and excited, and look forward to fantastic opportunities to learn, connect and share with passionate educators. I expect that this experience will enhance my ability to support teaching and learning at my own school and in my broader environment, and also to broaden my understanding of ways in which I can contribute to learning enhancement, my new role this year. Obviously, the learning will not end with the one session but continue beyond the day. I look forward to meeting and adding to my network new people from all over the place. It’s always fantastic to discover interesting, innovative people.

Not sure what happens here

I suppose I’d better book my flight soon, as well as somewhere to stay. It will be interesting meeting the overseas people. Can’t wait!

Who else is going? Looking forward to meeting you.

9 thoughts on “What an opportunity – Google Teacher Academy Sydney”

  1. It’s a wonderful opportunity Tania and you truly deserve to be there. Soak up the experience and be sure to share your learning with the rest of us.
    Jenny : )

  2. Hey Tania! I echo the wonderful suprise of the invite to GTA and upset for those lovely people who also deserved to be there.

    Looking forward to catching up with you in Sydney. wondering if you can help me with a query. I am just a fledgling blogger and I love adding badges but for the life of me can’t work out how to add one in my wordpress sidebar. I tried the text/image widgets but nothing worked.

    So I’m trying to add a badge with an embed code from the site and that’s all they gave. Any advice would be great help! Thanks

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