Looking back through 2011

Looking back through 2011, and trying to come to grips with how much has changed, how many people suffered or died, how many sorrowed or rejoiced, who was married. Remembering political dramas, ethical battles, private and public celebrations.

In 2011 I visited the Google Academy and changed schools. Challenges and new beginnings stir up the pot and create new possibilities and relationships. As we age we acquire more empathy whilst being more aware of our own human failings. Don’t we?

I hope you have all grown and collected good memories this year, and I wish you an excellent New Year. My hopes for the new year include new connections with teachers and students at Melbourne High School, and a return to a more regular conversation with my PLN. Conversation has become scarce on this blog and I miss it.

Thanks to Hamish Curry for the video. Agreed, Google+ has the good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Looking back through 2011”

  1. Change brings its challenges, but offers us time for reflection. I can see you growing Tania, and appreciate the wisdom you bring to my world.

  2. Jenny, you’ve always been an inspiration to me and many, many others (in all parts of our world) but most of all, a grounding influence, separating truth from fluff. Thank you and enjoy your ISTE experience. You’ll rock them.

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