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Jenny Luca tagged me to participate in a meme.  The idea of this meme is to share seven things that your readers might not know about you.

Here are my seven things:

1.  My grandmother’s cousin was the well known pianist, Sviatoslav Richter. My grandmother held a childhood grudge against him since the time that he told her that people who weren’t musical shouldn’t exist.

2.  I worked temporarily for a pneumatic tool company, translating engineering texts from German into English and vice versa. I had no idea about engineering jargon – not in German or English.

3.  English is my second language. My first language was Russian. I went to preschool (Kindergarten in those days in Melbourne) with only a few words of English: please, thankyou, yes, no and toilet.

4.  In primary school, I made my best friend act out Brere Rabbit with me every Monday for 4 years. I was always Brere Rabbit, she was always Brere Fox and my sister had to be Tar Baby.

5.  I used to think if I concentrated hard enough I could go through the mirror into another world. I still wish I believed that.

6.  I really love things that sparkle. This is embarrassing so you won’t see any evidence of this around the house or on my person. Hang on, let me check…

7.  I have some sort of spatial disability. I lose all sense of direction when I go backwards from somewhere. If I come out of a shop, I always end up going back the way I came.

I tag the following people and apologize in advance if they’ve been tagged by someone already:

Nirvana Rose Watkins

Pam Thompson

Carey Pohanka

Cristina Costa

Keisa Williams

Hiram Cuevas

Susanne Nobles

Have a go if you have the urge…

10 thoughts on “7 things”

  1. Hmmm…. been following this for a few days. No one has tagged me as yet 🙁 Oh well, I’ll just do it anyway!!!!! I handle rejection really, really well don’t you think?

  2. No way, Robyn, I tagged you and went looking for your personal blog, then everything shut down (does that many times a day) and people who weren’t saved dropped off. I think there were others but it was late and my brain wasn’t working. I will remedy the situation! Just tell me which blog I should hyperlink to your name.

  3. no…. just kidding. Sheryl tagged me last night. I dont have a personal blog only a school one that I set up for 2009 and no one has that URL yet. I’ve just added it to my twitter. Smile…. all is good 🙂

  4. I found your school url on twitter before (did I?) but I was looking for a personal one. So when can we expect your 7 things and will we know where to go?

  5. Thanks for repsonding Tania. So much to learn about the people we interact with online. Once again I’ve learnt more about you and once again it’s all interesting!

  6. Jungian? Must investigate. Yes, like a secret portal. Fantasy was always strong for me. I’d love to recreate that feeling now. I’d also have a ‘magic box’. I’d put some wonderful thing into it and leave it for a year or so until I’d forgotten what was in it, then open it up to reveal magical wonders.

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