And now for something completely irrelevant…

  1. Arezzo, Italy
  2. Ravenna, Italy
  3. Venice, Italy
  4. Blaubeuren, Germany
  5. Lausanne, Switzerland
  6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  7. Jordanville, NY, USA
  8. Redding, CA, USA

Why have I put this cluster map in you ask? A colleague was telling me she wanted to insert a cluster map (not travel) as a widget but that it wiped out the other things in the right hand column. I just wanted to know how to put one in so I made a new post.

I visited these places soooo many years (decades) ago. I haven’t actually stepped out of the country for so long. Really, it’s time to go again..

3 thoughts on “And now for something completely irrelevant…”

  1. I popped a cluster map in mine yesterday. I had tried a few times and yes, all things disappeared. You just add the other widgets back though. They’re all there really, just waiting for you!

  2. Hey I like this too – everything I find I like if I keep adding everything I find that everyone else does I want have any room left.
    Some times I have found when you make the widgets code it gives you the option to change the size which would then allow it to fit in your sidebar – this happened to me when I added the search my library thing library bar widget to my sidebar – I had to change the size and it worked better in one sidebar but not the other (I have two sidebars!!)

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