Connecting our students to themselves, each other and the world – VITTA presentation

Thank you to VITTA for giving Nick Fairlie and me the opportunity to “show and tell” our blogging process with 2 year 9 classes. Thanks to those brave souls who stayed for the late session (4-5pm). A huge thanks to Nick for trusting me to lead him and his classes into unknown territory, for making the whole experience a rich one, and for agreeing to present with me. I thought we did a pretty good job. It would have been fantastic to have our 2 students join us and talk about what they’ve learned from the experience but the session was unfortunately too late for them.

Here’s the presentation which gives you some idea of what we talked about.



[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”presentation/embed” query=”id=1BG_ipEw6htBdlWMRThVc4l8uE0fzU2lBVv9XaAyN9VQ&start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000″ width=”960″ height=”749″ /]

7 thoughts on “Connecting our students to themselves, each other and the world – VITTA presentation”

  1. Awesome connections made in this collaborative project – kudos to you and Nick and the young men! Such learning and discovery.

  2. Great to hear your presentation went well but agree disappointing the boys could not join you and Nick. I read your Google presentation and especially loved reading what Nick had to say (already know what you have to say!). Wonderful! Well done to all both of you and all of the Year 9 boys

  3. Agree, hearing from Nick has been very valuable. That’s why I included his words in the presentation despite the fact that he was embarrassed!

  4. Such a wonderful and inspriational example of the benefits of a collaborative project! Congratulations to you, Nick and the boys. Thankyou for sharing.

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