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This year I decided to take up the challenge of posting at least one photo a day as part of a Flickr group challenge. I ended up creating the blog, threesixtyfivephotos, so that the daily photos and small amount of written description would have somewhere to live. Now that I’ve almost finished, I realise that this exercise has proved to be surprisingly more than I expected.

Here are some of the themes:

My stuff, what I love and why Day 29 Toys     Day 232 Stuff

My garden and its seasonal transformation, how it responds to extremes in temperature in the summer (fellow bloggers in North America have documented how their natural surroundings have responded to extremes in temperature in the winter – interesting for me since we don’t have snow) Day 31 Heat damage in the garden  Day 242 First blossom   Day 225 Winter garden  Day 269  Rain rain  Day 256 The whole blooming lot

Good friends Day 13 Getting together with friends

Odd things around the place Day 20 The burning giraffe

Favourite Routines Day 17 Victoria Market

Traditions   Day 6 Christmas eve  Day 358  Christmas eve   Day 109  Orthodox Easter

Family Dramas     Day 5 Sasha doesn’t get his year 12 results  Day234  19th birthday saga  Day 302 Fencing

My City of Melbourne   Day 178 Federation Square  Day 164 Royal Arcade  Day 339  City sights

Food preparation   Day 212 Guest Photographer makes tarts  Day 348  Christmas baking

School events   Day 210  School Gala

Overseas visitors   Day 206  PLP and bloggers’ dinner at Southbank

Milestones and triumphs     Day 197  16th birthday  Day 187  He has wheels  Day 238  Namesday  Day 264 Day of Triumph  Day 246  Still smiling about yesterday  Day 338  Last day of school

Holidays   Day 185  Heaven  Day 318 Back to Barwon Heads

Special occasions    Day 312  Anna and Pat’s wedding   Babies Day 172 Baby’s first communion  Engagement Day 297

Self-fulfilling prophesies   Day 265 Once upon a time and Day 266 Lalo Symphony Espagnole


Special things    Day 288 Russian carving

The photoblog has been a surprisingly rich journey without even trying to be. It’s like a time capsule of sorts. And best of all, it’s connected me in a personal way with people I would otherwise not communicate with.

This could work as an individual student or collaborative class project. Definitely. Just one photo and minimal written description a day.

Why don’t you try it?

6 thoughts on “threesixtyfivephotos – daily photo challenge”

  1. Excellent thematic overview of your 365 photo blog. I came to the party late but really enjoyed your daily contributions over the last several months. Best wishes and happy new year, Tania.

  2. Tania I have looked at your blog and Pam’s religiously all year and it has been such a source of inspiration and enjoyment. I am not a good commenter, but your work and explorations have revealed such an interesting person and Pam and I frequently discuss what amazing things happen in your life and the incredible honesty with which you document things. I started to do this last year, but found it too hard to keep up, but as a personal discipline this year I will do it. Your year is recorded in such a special and personal way and it will be a source of great joy as time goes by. Thankyou so much for sharing such a fantastic year and I do hope we can continue to both do this next year! Happy New Year

  3. Sue, thanks for the lovely comment. I think anyone who does this photo challenge, with a minimal amount of description, will still capture more than they realise. It’s like something is created out of not much. Look forward to yours next year, Sue. Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Hi Tania
    Even though I only got to follow your photo blog rather late in the year, it has been such a great inspiration for me that I have now joined the EdTech 365/2010 group and am setting on this journey on Friday. It’s a bit daunting right now, but at the same time truly intriguing. I am also planning to set up a blog to write some brief notes along with the photos.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year and look forward to following your 2010 right from the beginning!

  5. Thankyou for your generous comments, Sinikka (not sure if this is your name), and I’ve been surprised by the people who have found my blog inspirational. It’s obviously become more than it actually is – finding a daily photo and usually fishing around for something to say about it. I’m glad you’ve decided to take up the challenge because it’s worth it in the end, both for yourself and in terms of connections with others. As for me joining EdTech 365/2010, I’m in two minds about this. I want to join a group so that I’m not blogging without a network, but I was thinking of dropping down to a weekly post next year, so I’m not sure how that will work within that group. Good luck to you with your challenge, and I wish you a very happy new year!

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