The elephant and the balloon

I know that many people are kicking against this Web 2.0 learning curve. I’m not saying everyone, but I have spoken to several (more than 3) people who are finding this experience more pain than gain. Well, I just want to say , don’t give up! Once you pass a certain threshold, you suddenly get stuck into it, and you know what, you can’t stop.

Personally, I’m  finding  that I have an opportunity to learn which I feel is always a privilege. As a child I enjoyed learning at school, always something to look forward to. There was a time in my life (quite a prolonged time ) when I didn’t have the opportunity to learn as much as I was used to. I’d say that these were the years when my children were very young. Sure, I had to learn stuff, but you know what I mean, there was no time for me.

This program has given me the opportunity for exploration and creativity. I thrive on that. Without it, I’m not in a good state. As I read others’ blogs, the links in these, look at possibilities offered by Web 2.0 applications, I feel like I could do anything. Lately, I’ve decided I could write a children’s book. Do you ever think that? How hard could it be?  Well, here’s a YouTube video from the British comedy show Black Books that I think illustrates what would happen if I ever tried to write a children’s book.

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7 thoughts on “The elephant and the balloon”

  1. What a pity it is to think that way. Yes, it is time consuming, but the skills I’m gaining I think are very practical. I’m loving it. As with anything else, you can pick out what you think is useful and just discard what you think you won’t use. But how do you know what is useful unless you get a taste of everything?


  2. I’m Leslie- Sandy gave me her login for some admin. Still think you’re amazing!

  3. Not sure what you mean by that so I’m not sure how to respond.
    What a job you have, reading through all these blogs! Imagine if all the people registered ended up writing long, rambling blogs like me. I’m indulging myself.

  4. Your posts are interesting and thoughtful- reading them and others like them makes the job fun. You take time to consider the good and the bad, and to give them even coverage. You get frustrated, yet persevere. I like your honesty and positive outlook.
    That’s what I meant by ‘amazing’.
    Indulge away!

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