2 thoughts on “Flashmob – Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt in the Metro”

  1. Hi Tania,

    I love this video. What a lovely way to arrive in to work for the morning. I especially love that someone pulled out a camera phone. There’s always one. And I’m still wondering where that guy pulled that bassoon from!

    I have been playing Peter and the Wolf with my Prep classes and they absolutely love it; I couldn’t believe how open they were to it at first. I think it just goes to show that classical music really can be relevant and moving in the lives of people today. We are so lucky to have such a world-class orchestra in Melbourne (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)and I think it is an opportunity many people don’t think to take up.

    1. You know, one of my strongest early primary school memories is listening to Peter and the Wolf! It had such a wonderful lasting effect. I also remember listening to records of The Happy Prince – although it went over my head in terms of language, it was powerful. I have the most wonderful CDs of stories about composers which my own children listened to years and years ago. I recommend them and could lend them to you if you like.

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