New young blogger and writer

Her post is called Scribbles, and she has a way with words.I love Varia’s blog, Siberian Pepper.  

“Education is not about getting the piece of paper at the end; it is hopefully, a community and an exchange between people all yearning for knowledge and new skills. I plan to suck it up as much as I can, put everything in, run my hands ragged over the keyboard and look in strange places for inspiration.”

2 thoughts on “New young blogger and writer”

  1. I admire how young people can now feel empowered and use Web 2.0 technologies to collaborate with their peers globally. They now have a voice. Do they have teachers helping them to get there?

  2. I know young people who figure it out by themselves. They have something to say, they may or may not care whether many people read it. I feel like that sometimes; I just need to get it out. What about the 10 year old boy from Malaysia
    He’s really out there.

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