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50 greatest arts videos on YouTube


For your enjoyment, thanks again to Articulate, here is archival footage of 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube. Amongst them are such gems as Nureyev dances Romeo at the Royal Ballet, 1966; John Coltrane performs ‘My Favourite Things’, 1961; The Who and Hendrix equipment smashing, 1968; The Beatles Rooftop Concert, 1969; Vladimir Nabokov discusses Lolita, 1950s; Kurt Russell’s Star Wars audition, 1975; Jackson Pollock drip paints outside his East Hampton home, 1951; Stravinksy conducts the Firebird Lullaby Suite, 1965, and more.

History of libraries – fascinating

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After a brief hiatus, due predominantly to brain fag, having almost exhausted all things Web 2.0 (or is that, exhausted myself?) I decided to offer a morsel of general interest, to whit, a fascinating site detailing the early history of libraries. Have a look, too, at Survivor: History of the Library from History magazine.

Notice my reversion to bombastic and antiquated expression when I have nothing to say.

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