Identity shattering. A six word poem for #clmooc


Photo by Sarah Wynne

Challenge: A #clmooc identity shattering in six words

As we consider who we are, our identities in the spaces and places of the neighborhoods in our lives — what essence is there in all of them?

What six concepts shape you as you shape them?

Challenge: Consider your beliefs. Using six words, arrange them as phrases read horizontally and vertically to express an essence of your identity.

Okay. I looked at examples. I fiddled with some words. I rearranged words and phrases. I deleted. I remain unsatisfied. I settled.

Understand solitude

Create together

Colour transforms

I know, it’s contradictory and it’s supposed to be.


Understand and create colour.

Solitude together transforms.

That works for me. What about you? Is it too confusing? Now I feel shattered. And synthesized.



6 thoughts on “Identity shattering. A six word poem for #clmooc”

  1. What a very cool exercise and I love your words and your play with them,Tania. I might have to try it even though it’s Monday and a new CLMOOC could be starting any minute now. I don’t think that matters.
    Rules are to be broken.

  2. I think the words resonate! I especially appreciate the phrase “solitude together transforms”; it’s veru apt for the creative process in general and the mooc experience as well!

  3. Thanks, Jen. I like that we can be introverts and get energized by solitude and also come together to share creativity and create together.

      1. Hi Sheri, there may be more of us hobbits than we think – energize alone, then come together with chosen people for conversation and creativity. Thanks for dropping by . 🙂

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