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I’ve looked at both Bloglines and Google Reader, and I have to say that I’m a little confused about differences between them. To get a real feel for each of them, I’ve registered with both. I’ll give myself a bit of time figuring out features and maybe then I’ll decide which one suits me.
Folders are a must otherwise there’s an overwhelming list of subscriptions which makes me feel like screaming. There’s a good chance I’ll cut down my subscriptions after the initial eagerness to grab everything in sight.
Not sure if I’m going to like the fact that Bloglines doesn’t save posts that have been read.

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  1. Looks good – I will have a go at the mosaic on the weekend. Luis is keen to try it as well. He has to do a digital poster for an assignment so it will be fun to try some different options with him. D.

  2. Let me know how you go. I had some trouble when I specified numbers of rows and columns and it came up with something smaller. I just changed my dimensions.
    Also, I was careful to search photos on flickr under creative commons but when I uploaded the mosaic, there were still some that were blank with a message saying that the owners didn’t want to be a part of the mosaic. Not sure what that means if the photos are under creative commons. Good luck.

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