Poetry Graffiti at MHS

The library is a space with unlimited potential. Of course I’m not talking about things that are financially prohibitive. It’s not bound by faculty, it serves an enormous range of purposes; it’s the social and cultural centre of the school – at least potentially.

I’ve been thinking about how to dispel the fallacy that the library is just about books, how to include popular culture and encourage students to feel that the spaces in the library belong to them. It’s good to start small. I spoke to my colleague, Denise, about setting up a ‘Poetry Graffiti’ board. The idea is that students pin up poetry they like and have either found written. I thought we’d add some pictures to inspire thinking and whimsy, and we hope the students will understand ‘poetry’ in a broad sense and contribute both text and images.

To share pictures with Denise without the hassle of emailing them back and forth and keeping separate folders, I decided to try Pinterest. I warn you about Pinterest, it does suck you in if you’re a picture person (no, I’m not talking about wedding photos or recipes). My Pinterest boards have grown amazingly fast. I started collecting interesting or quirky images into a poetry board.

To provoke interest in a cryptic way, we decided to start off by creating a ‘Watch This Space’ board. This is how we did it.

Denise has done a fantastic job on creating the board. In the solitude of a library on Athletics day, she has created a brick wall using A4 prints and pinned up a couple of poems to get the boys started.

I hope this board will take off and that creativity, love of poetry and poetic image will fill the space and give students the chance to contribute their graffiti. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

9 thoughts on “Poetry Graffiti at MHS”

  1. What great ideas you have Tania, thanks for sharing. We’ve got a couple of pinboards that are poorly placed and need some meaningful use. Student space, good idea, we’ll dicuss and try something new.

    1. Thanks, Carmel. I’m impatient to see some poetry appear now. I think maybe interstate or international contributions may be nice. Might tweet that out.

  2. Great idea Tania. Sounds like something we should try too. Maybe it could be the start of something collaborative between our schools???

    1. Great idea, Jenny, let’s think about how it could work and be more meaningful, more interactive than just adding to each other’s boards. ????

  3. What a fabulouos idea Tania! A very creative way to use space. I’m constantly trying to think how to make better use of the enourmous space we have in our library. This has given me some inspiration. I’ve also had a peek at Pinterest and have of course requested a log in. Waiting eagerly now! I wonder if Pinterest could become a virtual space for a “Poetry Wall’. What do you think?

    1. Absolutely, Bev. I’ve started a board for images which could possibly go on the poetry board, as well as others for different displays.

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