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My first go at Wordle, the word cloud generator using text, has resulted in a rather strong example of the interesting possibilities with this application. Using Hitler’s speech delivered in Munich in April, 1923, the wordle has created a powerful, visual summary of the text, revealing¬† points of emphasis.

It would be an interesting experiment for students to enter chunks of text in order to visualise main concepts and ideas at a glance. You can also play around with colour and font. I’d be interested to know what other ideas anyone has for this application in the classroom.

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  1. Well done with both using Wordle and changing your comment setting. There are so many imaginative uses for Wordle and using them with students. I like the idea of using for language teaching where you take news articles and find the most common words.

  2. What a fabulous example of how Wordle can be a powerful tool rather than just a bit of fun! I wonder what Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a dream’ speech would look like?

  3. Thanks a lot Tania for showing us another use of Wordle and SUe for adding to it.
    I have used it with my students’ names instead of a photo when students didn’t want their photos appearing next to their podcasts.

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