Tune in to RhizoRadio! #rhizo15 – the podcast

So finally I can share the RhizoRadio play I’ve been talking about. The best fun I’ve had for a long time. People, you are so much fun! Huge thanks to Kevin Hodgson for doing the hard (and long) work of putting it together so skillfully. Love the music in the background (Kevin’s) – and I’m not talking about the faint violin in the background (my son, Maxim, practising at the other end of the house). The image is also selected by Kevin. Don’t you love all the languages!

I just want to say that if this isn’t a great example of both connected and rhizomatic learning, I don’t know what is. A play shared, an idea, responses, and suddenly people from all over the place are coming into a Google doc where characters are born, educational theory is interwoven, different tongues start speaking and creativity builds upon others’ creativity. Thanks so much everyone. (How many countries were involved in this?)

5 thoughts on “Tune in to RhizoRadio! #rhizo15 – the podcast”

  1. Good question: countries involved? Hmmm. How can we “count” that? Survey? Here, in comments?
    Also, folks can still add a layer of comments and annotations to the Soundcloud file … the collaboration keeps coming …

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