Finland, Finland, Finland (the country where I’d quite like to be)

Inari lake, Finland

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I found an interesting blog connected to a Library 2.0 Symposium in Finland based in the Abo Akademi. If you can trust my limited Swedish, it’s a Swedish university in Finland. I found the statements about Web 2.0 in libraries interesting so I’ve included a paragraph:

‘The main goal of this project is to deepen the understanding of the interactive information source called Web 2.0 focusing on knowledge, experience, collaboration, and creation of new contents. The role of the information professionals and the libraries (Library 2.0) in this new dimension of the information chain is crucial. We need to put libraries in a stronger position allowing them to respond more quickly and flexibly to user needs, and to new challenges and development. Through this project we aim to develop the skills needed to manage the new information platform and foresee the development of needed competencies in the information society. The new techniques demand computer, social, and network competencies and may result in new kind of digital divide as well as creating new forms of information overload. We need to shift our understanding of the information society. It is not only a question of shaping order in information chaos but understanding how individuals shape their own personalized information spheres’.

I think this sums it up!

2 thoughts on “Finland, Finland, Finland (the country where I’d quite like to be)”

  1. Are you sure that there is enough in the Summing up?
    I agree that Finland is a lovely country, but I’ve only been there in the summer. I’m not sure about the winter. I think they would have a very good reason to stay inside and communicate via technology.

  2. Actually, the title of my post is a line from a Monty Python song.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the summing up.

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