A Sci-Fi feast for the eyes


Am I superficial if I have a weakness for book covers? I love the art/graphic design enveloping the story. Yes, I will choose a book by its cover. Yes, I buy magazines for their visual beauty. So, feast your eyes on Penguin UK’s gallery of science fiction book covers.

Particularly pleasing is the real art on the covers by artists such as Max Ernst, Paul Klee, Yves Tanguy, Wassily Kandinsky and others. Of course, you can get a cover designed by Joan Miro, or you can get a section of magnified finger skin.


Maybe I’ll do some reading…

Thanks to Articulate.

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2 thoughts on “A Sci-Fi feast for the eyes”

  1. How interesting. I can recall many times while reading a good book that I went back to muse about the cover illustration. I have seen my students do it too in class. It’s a sign that you are engaged with the book and that you are letting your imagination go… A good sign.

  2. Maybe the book cover illustration is the only thing left from your memory of the power of picture books you loved as a child, pictures that transported you somewhere else…

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