Ukraine has talent (and creativity)

Occasionally I see something creative in an unexpected way.  I wanted to share this video of a contestant on ‘The Ukraine has talent” who expresses her creativity in an unusual way. Frankly, I was surprised to see such a performance amongst the usual entertainment, and also surprised how long it lasted.


This ‘performance’ demonstrates the power of human creativity and original thought. I love seeing the story come to life through real-time art, and its transitory nature. Thanks to Nadya Ignatievsky for posting this on Facebook.

One thought on “Ukraine has talent (and creativity)”

  1. That was brilliant. The way that she was telling a story.
    But what was even better was the charisma she holds over the viewer. The women being moved to tears is not an easy thing to acheive through art. Perhaps the subject matter had a part to play but this video and what she created was beautiful

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