#080808 Olympic Games

Beijing 2008

Connecting with the Beijing Olympic Games is more interesting and dynamic with technology. Think of what the moon landing would have been like if we’d had the same possibilities. I remember being spontaneously sent home from school so that we could all watch the landing on TV. (Grade 5, in case you’re wondering. Linda Fewings came home with me and we ate crumpets.) What we have now is almost instant visual information (videos, slideshows, pictures), dynamic news through RSS (Twitter; Very Recent search engine) and interactive tools (trackers and maps). A great way to introduce students to Web 2.0 technologies when they’re already engaged in the Olympics.

I’ve been fishing for links to the Beijing Olympic Games and here’s what I’ve caught:

Summer Games on Youtube

Interactive map of Beijing Games on New York Times

Teacher Planet (lots of resources on the Olympic Games)

Interactive Olympics tracker for events

Official website of the Olympic movement

Great pictures of the Beijing Olympics and opening ceremony

Official website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Beijing Olympics Open : NPR

Twitter search for Beijing Games

Beijing 2008 NBC

Shanghaiist: the Beijing Olympics

Opening ceremony photos and information

Beijing Olympics – Very Recent (search engine) news

YouTube: Getty images

YouTube playlist Olympic Games 2008

YouTube: the New York Times

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