Collecting makes at Gertrude Street Projection Festival #clmooc #make

I took this photo of Skunk Control’s Secluded Evolution last night at Gertrude St. Fitzroy’s Projection Festival which will be on for the next week weeks in Fitzroy, Melbourne. This is a fantastic union of art and science/engineering – read about it on the website if you are interested in more information.

Skunk Control is a group of engineers and scientists from the college of Engineering and Science at Victoria University.The group collective run diverse community outreach programs and community based general science units and are part of the team that run the university’s Foundation Studies program.

So Week 3 of #CLMOOC nearly drove me crazy. So much blank. So much brick wall. So many people doing creative things with me not able to catch up. Calm down.

And so this post is collecting things people have created which I have collected and played with – things potentially useful for another game design of some sort in response to week 3’s task.

I started playing around with the videos I took of the Gertrude Street Projection Festival (#GSPF). First I uploaded them to YouTube and then used the editor to add free music. Here are 2 examples: 

What next?

Okay, so I played around in the app Phototoaster, selecting different filters for my photos of the GSPF, experimenting with colour, tone, making things stand out or disappear. Some of my photos:

And I saved all the versions of my photos in a Flickr album.

Not having any idea of concept, direction or purpose, I decided to make gifs from some of my videos.

I thought it would be cool to add audio to one of my gifs, and I tried, believe me, I spent valuable time, but I wasn’t able to figure it out. The best I could do was to have my chosen audio file merge with one of my gifs here but I wasn’t able to combine them. If you click here you’ll be able to see what I was trying to do.

So, now what? I’m still blank in terms of how I can use these things for game design. Creative process – you elude me.


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